What is an aura photo? An aura photo shows your energy visually. It utilizes an AuraCam6000 in order to see which chakras are active. This photo is also taken with FujiFilm FP100C, a discontinued and rare film.

What can be read from someone’s aura? Your aura is your biochemical energy field that is around you at all times. It is constantly changing depending on your chakras, so the photo gives you a snapshot into what your energy looks like. We all know how we feel, but this photo allows you to visualize it. The photo isn’t telling you anything you don’t already know, but being able to attach colour to feeling allows you to understand your own energy in a different way.

Why is the film so important? The film that was intended to use with this camera is not in production anymore. This means that the original technology of Aura Photography is going extinct. The medium format peel apart film is incredibly important to the process as it produces a better photograph.

Is this Kirlian Photography? Rose Aura uses a type of Kirlian Photography called Aura Imaging.

How much does it cost? $40

How long are appointments? 15 minutes for 1-3 people, 30 minutes for groups of 4+

Where are you located? Our studio is at Queen and Strachan in Toronto.

How can I book an appointment? Available dates are posted on the Events page. Please email or send a DM via Instagram to book!

What does an appointment include? The appointments includes one film aura photo and reading of the colours.

Can I book a same day appointment? Unfortunately same day appointments are not available at this time. Appointments book up quickly, so keep checking back for available dates!

Will you travel to me? For groups of 10 or more travel can be accommodated in the GTA free of charge. Please contact for pricing of events outside of Toronto.

What is your group rate? For events with 75 or more photos, please contact evelyn@roseaura.ca